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Damian Maclennan

Technologist, Agilist, Speaker, Ex Musician, Cyclist, Troublemaker, Dad. CTO at WORK180

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I live in Brisbane, Australia. It’s a great city for a young family, has fantastic weather, good cycling, and the tech scene is getting better by the day.

Here’s what I’m focusing on now (last updated Feb 2018).

Work - CTO of WORK180. A job board for women, heavily in startup mode at the moment so head down writing a lot of code, hiring, setting up infrastucture.

Family - My kids are currently 10 and 12, and both have a lot going on in their lives. Trying to be available for as many of their activities as possible. Currently that’s a whole bunch of AFL (Australian Football) and dance.

Stack Mechanics With a couple of friends I’ve just launched Stack Mechanics. We aim to offer the best deep dive, workshop training in .NET architeture and Microservices.

Cycling - I love cycling, it’s a massive passion, stress relief, and my primary exersize. I sometimes struggle with consistency, but I’m almost back at race fitness.

I’m also available for speaking gigs (although I’ve not been focusing on that lately), and developer mentoring.

If you’d like to chat about any of these things, send me an email to blog at damianm.com.

The Now page is a fantastic idea from Derek Sivers and starting to be a thing.