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Technologist, Agilist, Speaker, Ex Musician, Cyclist, Troublemaker, Dad.

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A DevOps bedtime story

An automated, repeatable and audited process beats a manual one every time. A cautionary tale of human error, overblown process and some lessons you can take from it.

Tech Girls are Superheroes

Here's a little story of something that took place is my house recently, something that took me a little by surprise. It's a story of how positive role models can inspire girls to want to learn more about technology. It's a little different to what I usually write about, but something I feel is important.

On leaving Readify and joining Octopus Deploy

This post is long overdue, but in 2014 I moved on from working as a consultant with Readify to take on a new role as CTO with Octopus Deploy. Some thoughts on my time as a consultant and why the change is so refreshing.

The human benefits of a microservice architecture

It's easy to be agile with a small codebase, it becomes much harder with a large one. The more time I spend around software development teams implementing a microservice architecture, the more I see just how agile an approach it can be because rather than one big codebase, we have many smaller ones.

Frameworks. Just say NO!

Some of the most dangerous words I hear in my consulting travels are 'we're building a framework'. It's a compelling idea but it never works out well. Reuse of components is good, but you need them to be useful before they can be reused

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