Consulting Services

I’ve been CTO in two early stage startups, and spent many years as a strategic technology advisor to technology leadership, software development teams, and C level executives.

Beginning in 2019 I’m offering my services as a consulting to help your company and team succeed.

Consultant CTO

If your company is in a growth phase and can’t justify a full time, experienced CTO, or are currently searching for the right fit but need to move forward in the mean time. I can offer “interim CTO” services to set up foundation architecture, strategic advice, or hiring and team mentoring.

Architecture and Microservices

With many years experience in building scalable software architecture, particularly with successful microservice projects I can offer architecture guidance from the high level strategic roadmap, to the lower level implementations and foundation projects.

I also have a wealth of experience in migrating from legacy systems to new platforms, and can offer guidance as well as hands on implementation to help you and your teams succeed.


Having worked with automation tools for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Deployments for many years I can help your team with the technical direction on a DevOps journey, as well as the cultural aspects of helping with the collaboration between development teams and infrastructure / operations.

Agile engineering

I specialise in what I call Agile Engineering. This includes architectural and software design patterns as well as techniques such as Test Driven Development to help your team be able to deliver quickly, and iterate safely.

Due diligence

For companies in the aquisition process, or for onboarding new products and teams, I provide a code and architecture review service to look “under the hood” of software quality, architecture, and development practices to provide insights and understanding.


I act as an advisor to technical and non-technical leaders on software development and architecture trends, strategy, and team management.

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