Rebooting a personal site. My online presence in 2021

— 1 minute read

I've had a blog of some form on the web since maybe 2001. Every few years I've felt that I just don't want to use it anymore because for one reason or another it just doesn't suit who I am. So it sits there and stagnates.

So I'm rebooting again, deleting it all and starting again.

For a long time I was working away from code and posted mainly on more etherial things. However for the past few years I've been well and truly "back on the tools", and exploring new tech or helping others, but had no place to post that kind of thing. So I've left it unsaid.

I'm also feeling rather disenchanted at idea of putting everything on somebody else's platform, so going back to the old school decentralised web.

We'll see if it lasts. It's an experiment.