July 2024 Webinar - Microservices Horror Stories

| 1 min read

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a few places that I was collecting some stories of where people have seen microservice architectures go wrong for an upcoming webinar. The internet delivered, and I got some great examples which correlated nicely with what I’ve seen in my travels.

So I’ve put together some lessons and anti-patterns I’d like to share in a webinar with you all.

So please join me on Thursday, July 4th for an hour where I can share some things not to do, as well as a couple of interesting tools and resources I’ve found. At the end we should have time for a couple of questions so come along with your burning software architecture questions.

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Also, a reminder that I’ve condensed some of my courses to single day courses for easier scheduling. With a new financial year looming, if you’d like to organise some training for your team on practical microservice architectures, production ASP.NET techniques, and unit testing and TDD, have a look at the course list and get in touch.