About Damian Maclennan on Instagram

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If you’ve found this link, chances are you’ve found me on Instagram. Which means you’ve probably seen a bunch of cycling photos, or maybe a coffee or two.

The rest of the story is that I’m a technology guy, I’ve worked in startups, a bunch of consulting, and a lot of other things like it. Basically I help teams deliver better software. You can read more about the tech side in my bio and the rest of the site.

I live in Brisbane with a partner and two awesome kids (you may have seen them on instagram as well).

If you’re into tech and bikes, and you’re in Brisbane. You might want to check out Roll Call BNE, a bunch ride I’ve set up for the tech industry in Brisbane. Watch the Twitter and Instagram accounts and come along for a ride.

Otherwise, if you’re just into tech stuff, or you’re curious. Have a look around!

Damian Maclennan

Getting in Touch

I can be found all over the web, the social icons on the left are a good start. GitHub for the code, Linkedin for the professional networking, Twitter for the sorts of random that Twitter is perfect for and Instagram is mainly pictures of bikes, kids and coffees (not necessarily in that order, but sometimes!)

If none of those options are right. You can always send an email to blog at damianm.com