My bike

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a bit of a cycling nut. I started riding in early 2005 as a way to lose some weight and get healthy, I soon started riding to work and became addicted. An addiction that saw me pinning on a number and lining up for a race, something that I’m doing a bit of at the moment.

This site is currently technical in focus, but I initially started as a cycling blog in 2005.

Since then, most of my cycling related posts have moved to my other sites Sydney Cyclist, Brisbane Cyclist and Melbourne Cyclist.

Most of my pics on Instagram are cycling related, so that’s a good place to catch up with what I’m doing on the bike.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep the old cycling posts here, most of them linked to other people doing cycling blogging who are no longer doing it. The other popular posts were reviews of products, most of which have been surpassed.

If you ride, or are thinking about riding and live in any of the above cities, come along and say hi!