Introducing Stack Mechanics - Deep Dive .NET Microservices training

2 minute read

I’m super excited to make this announcement. I’ve teamed up with my good friends Nick Blumhardt and Andrew Harcourt to offer deep dive training in .NET software and microservices architecture under the banner of Stack Mechanics.

I’m still keeping the day job as an Engineering Manager for Lotteries at Tatts, this is a side venture.

With the TL;DR out of the way, it’s time for the full story.

As consultants, the three of us worked together alongside other talented developers and we solved problems. Usually the really hard kind, where a company’s existence relied on us being able to deliver a solution quickly. These were rarely green field projects and often had the sorts of ugly realities most developers face - legacy systems, ugly integrations, and distributed systems that could fail in many ways.

We found that certain techniques, tools, and patterns worked particularly well for us in terms of getting to market quickly, allowing us to scale our teams, and building systems that were resilient and fault tolerant. Around the same time, the industry at large coined the term “microservices” which pretty well fit the style of system we had been building for our customers.

Fast forward a few years and we see people making mistakes with their architecture and patterns, particularly while trying to build microservices. Through our speaking, consulting, and product development journeys we’ve seen teams struggle with some of the patterns and are often unsure of how to get started.

So we’ve decided to join forces and offer training. With the huge success of Pluralsight over the past few years we feel there is a gap in hands-on, instructor led, classroom based training. That happens to be something we’ve all enjoyed doing so it all just makes sense to grab it.

So we’re kicking things off now!

In November of this year, starting in Brisbane we’re going to offer a 3 day, deep dive workshop on .NET architecture, microservices, and “devops”.

We’re going to take people through the process of building resilient, production ready applications and teach the patterns, tools, and techniques to deliver successfully.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • Design Patterns for maintainable software
  • Test Driven Development
  • DevOps practices such as Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration patterns
  • REST API Implementation
  • Microservices
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Scaling and caching
  • Legacy system integration and migration

We won’t just cover theory, we’ll have people work in small groups to build a microservice architecture to solve a real world business problem.

We’re just finalising dates and venues now, so if this is something that you or somebody you know is interested in, go and sign up to our mailing list on and follow us on Twitter. We’re going to do Brisbane first, and move to Melbourne, Sydney, and maybe beyond if the demand is there. We’re also planning on offering some shorter training on topics we’re known for such as Test Driven Development, IoC, Structured Logging, Automation, and Dotnet Core.

We’re all excited to be finally doing this, it’s something we’ve been talking about for ages and we feel the time is right. So I hope you’ll join us in helping make Stack Mechanics a great thing!