Going Solo

1 minute read

After being involved with a few startups as an early stage CTO, and all the lessons learned there, I’ve decided to go back into consulting and training.

I enjoy it, I’ve missed it, and I have a lot of lessons I’ve learned and knowledge to share after 5 years.

The difference is I’m doing it under my own name.

I’ve been so inspired by my friends in the Brisbane startup community, and people like Trish Khoo doing solo consulting. The FOMO got the better of me and I’m ready to do it for myself.

I’m calling what I do a “Consultant CTO”.

That’s a few things, I’m offering “CTO as a service” for smaller companies, where I can help them with guidance on a part time basis, or I can fill the gap as an interim CTO for companies growing or changing, and looking for somebody more permanent.

I also do architecture strategy and design, particularly in the microservices space. I’m very interested in helping teams build greenfield systems and helping them avoid common pitfalls, but also I’ve worked with a large number of legacy system replacements and can help steer companies in a safe and effective direction.

I’ve got a lot to offer in the DevOps space, both from the technical side around CI / CD / Automation but also the process and working across teams to help set up process.

I also want to work a lot with what I call “agile engineering”, helping teams ship and iterate faster by helping with agile architectures and design patterns, and techniques like Test Driven Development.

The other big thing I’m going to move into is public training.

My first course is going to be on the 20th of May. It’s a half day workshop at Fishburners called Test Driven Development Essentials.

I’m going to cover how to get started doing TDD, some techniques and patterns, some tools like mocking frameworks to help you write better test code, and go into how writing better tests will help you with a better designed system.

So if any of this is of interest, please get in touch using one of the methods on the left. I’d love to have a chat.