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Damian Maclennan

Technologist, Agilist, Speaker, Ex Musician, Cyclist, Troublemaker, Dad. CTO at WORK180

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New Year, new career

About my new role, CTO at DCC Jobs. Two years trying to drive change in a large enterprise was more than enough!


Lessons learned teaching microservices architecture to a room full of smart people

With the first Stack Mechanics course behind us we look at what went well, and what we can learn to make the next ones even better!

Introducing Stack Mechanics - Deep Dive .NET Microservices training

I'm super excited to make this announcement. I've teamed up with my good friends Nick Blumhardt and Andrew Harcourt to offer deep dive training in .NET software and microservices architecture under the banner of Stack Mechanics."


Effective Stand-ups - the art of the huddle

Is your daily stand-up dragging on forever and you feel you want to abandon them alltogether? Usually you can improve them by narrowing your focus and working closer together on team goals. Let's look at how we can improve team communication with better release planning.


A DevOps bedtime story

An automated, repeatable and audited process beats a manual one every time. A cautionary tale of human error, overblown process and some lessons you can take from it.

Tech Girls are Superheroes

Here's a little story of something that took place is my house recently, something that took me a little by surprise. It's a story of how positive role models can inspire girls to want to learn more about technology. It's a little different to what I usually write about, but something I feel is important.

On leaving Readify and joining Octopus Deploy

This post is long overdue, but in 2014 I moved on from working as a consultant with Readify to take on a new role as CTO with Octopus Deploy. Some thoughts on my time as a consultant and why the change is so refreshing.


The human benefits of a microservice architecture

It's easy to be agile with a small codebase, it becomes much harder with a large one. The more time I spend around software development teams implementing a microservice architecture, the more I see just how agile an approach it can be because rather than one big codebase, we have many smaller ones.

Frameworks. Just say NO!

Some of the most dangerous words I hear in my consulting travels are 'we're building a framework'. It's a compelling idea but it never works out well. Reuse of components is good, but you need them to be useful before they can be reused

Introducing Nimbus - Azure Service Bus made easy

Nimbus is an easy to use API for the Azure Service Bus to make the development of Microservice and distributed applications easy.

Doing Agile software development. Why it's not going to help.

The value in agile software development is in releasing software to users more frequently and learning in order to build the right thing. The practices help us get there, but aren't the end goal in itself.

The Speed of Innovation

After spending time working with a lot of companies building software I have a lot of ideas on what makes the good ones successful and it all comes down to how fast they can innovate. This is going to be a major theme here for a while.


The Pomodoro Technique - Staying focussed

A post that appeared on my old blog that I thought still had enough merit to bring across. I still suffer from being way too easily distracted, but whenever I apply the discipline of Pomodoro my output goes up exponentially. I need to re-read this post a lot to remind myself.